A Statement From Our Director
Dear Community

We here at Meekins have been following the news closely in regards to the protests and police brutality of Black People in the US, and it just breaks our hearts. We want you to know that as a school we stand with Black Lives Matter. Our educational philosophy has always been to be inclusive of all cultures, races, abilities, and backgrounds, and we are committed to constantly reevaluating our approach. Our students receive lessons of fairness, justice, and equal rights on a daily basis through their interactions with the staff, both through formal and informal learning on a level that is appropriate for their development.

We know that there is still a lot of work to do, and we are committed to it. We are willing to continue learning, and relearning things so that we can provide the best education for your children that you have entrusted to our care.

If you would like to learn more about Black Lives Matter, support various organizations that work for racial justice, and find more information on how to talk to your children about racism and racial justice, please visit the links below for more information.

Tara Bloch
FB Meekins Preschool

FB Meekins is a cooperative preschool in which parents play an integral role in their child's classroom experience and in the operation of the school. The result is a tight-knit community of teachers, parents and families working together to create a fun, safe, and nurturing environment in which our children can learn and grow.

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